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Gazetted Bill Forms
Bill Form(TR 46) – Fillable PDF
Bill Form (TR 46)
PF Schedule
GIS Schedule
SLI Schedule
LIC Schedule
GPF Forms
Application for Admission to GPF
GPF Bill Form
Application for Conversion of Advance
Application For Temporary Advance
GPF Closure Form
SLI Forms
SLI Proposal Form (Application Form)
Instruction to fill Aplication Form
SLI Schedule
SLI Nomination Form
SLI Loan Application Form
SLI Claim Form
SLI Indemnity Bond
GIS Forms
Application Form (Form GIS – A)
Memorandum (Form No. 1) for New Members
Memorandum (Form No. 2) for Change in Group
List of Members Joined in the Scheme (Form GIS – C)
Nomination Form for Unmarried Employees (Form GIS – 6)
Nomination Form for Married Employees (Form GIS – 7)
Register of Members (Form No. 8)
Register for Watching the Recovery of Subscription towards GIS from members on LWA, Suspension, Deputation, etc. (Form GIS – E)
Deduction Statement of Non-Gazzetted Officers (Form GIS – B)
Deduction Statement of Self Drawing Officers (Form GIS – B(1))
Application for TR 72 Certificate (for Self Drawing Officers) (Form – D)
Application form for revival of Membership
Application for Payment (Form No. 3) – Retirement/Resignation/Dismissal
Request to Produce Application for Payment (Form No. 4) – Death
Application for Payment (Form No. 5) – Death
Indemnity Bond for Claim Settlement
Confidential Report Forms
Condential Report - Form II A
Condential Report - Form II B
GPAIS Schedule
GPAIS Nomination Form
GPAIS Claim Form
Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship Forms
Form 1 (Application to be collected from students)
Form 2 (Register of Applications)
Form 3 (Proforma for Gen Catergory)
Form 4 (Proforma for SC/ST)
Form 5 (Proforma for Arts,Sports, Diff.Abled)
Form6 (Proforma for SC/ST to Directorate)
Application for Renewal
All Proforma in Fillable Excel file
Probation Declaration Forms
Probation Declaration - HSE
Form of Recommendation of Probation
Statement of Declaration of Probation
Probation Declaration - VHSE
CE Monitoring Forms
CE Monitoring Proforma
CE Monitoring ProformaWork Done Memorandum
CE Monitoring Duty Certificate
Single Window (Ekajalakam) Forms
Single Window Application Form
Application for Cancellation of Registration
Application for Correction in Data
Application for Higher Option Deletion
Exam Related Forms
HSE March/SAY/Improvement Examination Form
Application for Migration Certificate
Application for Photocopy of Answer Scripts
Application for Revaluation of Answer Scripts
Application For Scrutiny of Answer Scripts
Deputation Forms
Application for Deputation
Miscellaneous Forms
TR 61 Fully Vouched Contingent Bill
Leave Application Form ( Form 13)
SPARK Enrolment Form ( Form No.15)
Police Verification Form(New)
Letter of authority (T.R.103)
Option Form for Time Bound Higher Grade Promotion
TA Bill of Gazetted Officers (TR-47 New)
Medical Certificate as per Rule117[1]a
Option Form & Statement of Fixation
TR 59 (Contingent/Grant in Aid/Scholarship Bills)
Application for Casual Leave
Application for LWA
RTC (Report of Transfer of Charge)
TA Form
Last Pay Certificate (LPC)
Conduct Certificate
Certificate of Physical Fitness
Certificate of Physical Fitness (As per New GO)
Daily Plan Format
HRA Proforma – to be submitted in Treasuries
Application for NOC to obtain Passport (Submit in triplicate)
10 E Form (To claim rebate u/s 89(1) on arrear received)
Chalan Form
Application for Transfer of HSS Principals
No Objection Certificate to Apply for PSC
  •  1:          Form No. A    Family Benefit Scheme Form (FBS Form)
     2:          Form D 
     Land acquistion Form
     3:          Form No. 70      Court Fee Refund Order Form
     4:          TR 12 Chalan Payment form
     5:          Form No.98 Warrant Form
     6:          Form D   Final/Advance form
     7:          Form No.49 Refund Payment Order
     8:          Form No. 62    Order of Payment
     9:          TR 108  Bill for Grant-in-aid
     10:        TR 114 Bill for Claiming Scholarship
     11:        TR 47 Traveling Allowance
     12:        TR 51 Detailed Pay bill of non-gazetted establishment/wages
     13:        TR 56 Traveling allowance bill for non gazetted establishment
     14:        TR 59 Contigent / grant in aid/Scholarship bill
     15:        TR 60 Abstract contigent bill
     16:        TR 65 Common form for refund
     17:        TR 81 Pensioner's Bill
     18:        Form Cheque form
     19:        Form D Bill for Drawing final/Advanced payment from the GPF fund
     20:        TR 46 Bill for pay and allowances/Leave salary of a gazetted  officer
     21:        Form Travellibng Allowance Bill form
     22:        Form 62 Order of Payment Form
     23:        Form 68 Order of Payment Form

  • Form Number Purpose
    FORM NO. 1A
    FORM NO. 1B 
    FORM NO. 2
    FORM NO.7
    FORM NO. 8
    FORM NO. 8A 
    FORM NO. 9
    FORM NO. 11
    FORM NO. 12 
    FORM NO. 13 K.F.C. FORM 13 - Indent for stores - (As per Chapter VI, Article 122 KFC) 
    FORM NO. 21 K.F.C FORM 21 - Report of the Survey of Stores which have become unserviceable  
    FORM NO. 22 K.F.C. FORM 22 - Report of surplus stores for disposal - (See Chapter VI, Article 157, Note) 
    FORM NO. 29
    FORM NO.32
    FORM NO.35A K.F.C FORM 35-A - Form of Agreement for adjustment of gratuity/death-cum-retirement gratuity 
    FORM NO.36
    FORM NO.37 
    FORM NO. 40 
    Medical Certificate
    (Rule 117)
    Medical Certificate Form for applying Leave on Medical Certificate
    Form Number               Purpose                                                                                               
    GPF Nomination Form GPF Nomination Form (Rule 8 (I) (iii) 
    GPF Form B GPF Form B for Temporary Advances (Rule 16 & 40) 
    GPF Form B-1 
    GPF Form DGPF FORM D - Bill for Withdrawing Amount From General Provident Fund.
    PF Form. J Form for conversion of temporary PF Advance to NRA 
    Form No.             Name of the Scheme      Purpose                                               
    FORM - I Group Personal Accident Insurance Nomination form 
    FORM - II Group Personal Accident Insurance 
    FORM NO.1 & 2 State Life Insurance Proposal & Nomination Forms 
    GIS Revival Form Group Insurance